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Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is an 8-hour certification course that teaches community members how to help a someone who may be developing a mental health challenge, experiencing or coping with a worsening mental health challenge or substance abuse disorder.

Participants learn how to recognize, understand and respond appropriately to signs of mental health challenges of varying intensity as well as substance use disorders.

Mental Wellness Center offers MHFA to the general public as well as to specific organizations, including social clubs, faith communities, chambers of commerce, professional associations, rotary clubs, and other professionals who may regularly engage with a mental health challenged population (i.e., police officers, human resource directors, and primary care workers in hospitals and nursing homes).

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Why MHFA matters

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Through a SAMHSA grant, Family Service Agency (FSA) and Mental Wellness Center (MWC), and YouthWell are able to provide more community education around mental health as a way to support youth in our community.