Worried about your teen? Take Youth Mental Health First Aid.

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Youth Mental Health First Aid (YMHFA) is a comprehensive, online training that teaches educators, family members, and caregivers (18+ years old) to approach, assess, and assist a young person with a mental health challenge or substance use concern. YMHFA is an evidence-based curriculum that teaches participants how to recognize and respond to signs and symptoms while addressing the role of resilience and the impact of traumatic experiences on adolescent development.

Just as CPR or First Aid helps you assist an individual in a medical crisis by following specific steps, YMHFA helps you assist a young person experiencing a mental health challenge or crisis using specific steps until appropriate help is received or until the crisis is resolved.

Youth Mental Health First Aid is offered monthly throughout Santa Barbara County. SIGN UP early because pre-work is required and courses tend to fill up. Let us know if you would like to coordinate a private class for 20 people to train in your organization or group. The course is currently available online in English only.

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Why Youth Mental Health First Aid Matters

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Through a SAMHSA grant, Family Service Agency (FSA) and Mental Wellness Center (MWC), and YouthWell are able to provide more community education around mental health as a way to support youth in our community.

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